9 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom and Dad Should Own

When deciding about your new baby’s clothes, you’ll need to consider some things ahead of their arrival. You usually don’t know what size your baby is going to be when it comes, or how quickly they will grow.

New mom or dad too? You’ve come to the right place.

As a new parent, it can be overwhelming to prepare for the arrival of your precious little one. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to dressing them up, causing confusion and doubt.
Should you opt for organic cotton or something more breathable? What color palette to choose? What about their style? The most comfortable ones? All these questions are going to be answered step by step.

A Word On Clothing For Newborns

When it comes to dressing your newborn, it's important to remember that they won't require excessive covering, as they are unable to regulate their body temperature effectively. However, new parents must recognize that their little one will have frequent spit-ups and poop accidents more frequently than anticipated. It's wise to keep several outfits within reach, to avoid constant laundry and ensure that your baby is always clean and comfortable. 


Newborn Clothing For Relaxing & Lounging At Home

For staying at home, comfort and washability are key traits for your newborn’s wardrobe. Spills, spit up, and the occasional accident are inevitable, so you’ll want to pick clothes that are durable, but also soft and pleasant for your baby to wear.

Short and long-sleeved bodysuits.

Single piece bodysuits are a staple for infants and babies. They usually have expandable shoulders that open up wide so it will be easy to get over the baby’s head. 
For colder seasons, it's good to have long-sleeved bodysuits on hand as well. Some long-sleeve bodysuits also have cuffs and they protect the little baby’s face from scratches. Just in case they shrink in the wash, I would recommend going a size up.

Footed pants & pajamas.

Footed pants are perfect for pairing with a one-piece bodysuit, and footed pajamas with built in booties are a lifesaver. You won’t need to worry about socks that slide off of your baby’s little feet, and pajamas are usually super comfy.

Newborn Clothing For Going Outside

Babies’ skin is especially sensitive, particularly to changes in temperature and the sun’s harmful UV rays. During the nicer months, your baby’s comfy lounge clothes for at home should suffice, but in colder weather it is very important that they bundle up.

Baby beanies or hats.

Beanies and soft hats protect your baby’s head from the harmful rays of the sun, and keep them warm in the winter. Baby beanies are usually soft and stretchy and come in different shapes and patterns.


Warm jackets and sweaters.

If the baby it’s going to be outside often, adding a sweater or a jacket is needed. You have to have it in the baby bag in case it gets cold unexpectedly. Find the softest ones so the moving it’s easier for the little one.

Everyday shoes and socks.

In case the baby is not wearing footed pants or bodysuits, socks are a good idea to protect their little feet. If it’s time to start standing or walking, socks with little grippy spots are very recommended. 
For baby shoes, try to find the most comfortable ones that help with the baby’s balance. Go for options that are soft and durable.

Newborn Clothing For Formal & Fancy Occasions

Formal occasions aren’t just for grown ups, so why not find a fancy outfit for your little one to take part in the function that you’re attending.


Baby dresses or skirts.

For special occasions, of course, the little one has to wear something special too. These little dresses are adorable but make sure to choose the comfiest ones.

Baby Shirts.

Tiny button up shirts can be also categorized as part of a special occasion outfit, and they also make your baby look like a little grown human and that is so cute. 
You can choose between colors, ruffles, and different types of sleeves.


Overalls and trousers.

Overalls are a classic staple, and some of the most adorable everyday wear for our babies. You can find overalls in many different materials like corduroy or denim, and printed or knit with cute patterns.


When is the time to start looking for baby clothes? 

Typically, parents start exploring options for baby clothes once they learn about the happy news of their pregnancy. However, the optimal time to begin searching for baby clothes may depend on various personal factors such as planned baby showers, due dates, and budget. The best time to begin looking for baby clothes varies from person to person, but generally occurs during the second trimester of pregnancy when expecting parents have learned their baby's gender. 


Go One Size Larger

Babies grow remarkably fast, so when thinking long-term go for one size bigger always. Consider purchasing the same style outfit in multiple sizes if you’re not sure and you’re able to possibly return the unused size.


Machine Wash on Baby Mode or Delicates if Hand Washing Isn’t An Option

The fabrics used in baby clothes are soft and plush, and machine washing them on the incorrect setting may damage the clothes or make them lose their softness. Try and avoid using harsh detergents and fabric softeners, as these may cause your baby to have an allergic reaction or rash.


Choose Natural Fabrics like 100% Organic Cotton over Synthetics

100% Organic Cotton is hypoallergenic, meaning it will not cause any rashes or allergic reactions, whereas synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon may cause eczema flare-ups. 


Be Aware of Dangly Bits and other Choking Hazards

Babies are curious creatures, and love to put everything in their mouths. Skip the embellishments and opt for simple styles that won’t potentially cause any problems.

Always Bring A Spare Outfit

Messes are inevitable, so always pack a spare change of clothes (or two) for your baby, along with all the essentials just in case. Spills, spit up, and accidents are a part of parenting, so there’s no harm in being prepared.

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