9 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

9 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

New mom too? You’ve come to the right place.

Listen up, new moms and dads. Stop buying everything that you see in the stores. Your babies are going to grow up so fast you won’t even notice, and all those little clothes you bought are going to be stoked up in the closed.

I know that you have like 9 months thinking about every single outfit, besides the little rompers your newborn baby is going to wear for his first 6 months or maybe one year of living on this earth. What color palette to choose? What about his style? The most comfortable ones? The material? All these questions are going to be answered step by step in this blog.

9 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

When deciding about the new baby’s clothes, you need to consider some things ahead. You don’t know what size the baby is going to be when it comes or how the baby will grow. When is your due date or what season it’s going to be?

Newborns don’t need a lot of cover-ups but also you have to keep in mind that excessive pooping or vomit/spitting is going to be your best friend for the first months. That’s why you will need some pieces so doing laundry won’t bother you all the time. As a mom, you are taking time to recover and learn new parenting skills so the last thing you will have time for is washing clothes. You have to find the right balance. Let’s do a checklist together.

Short and long-sleeved bodysuits. Bodysuits have expandable shoulders so it will be easy to get it over the baby’s head. For colder seasons, it's good to have long-sleeved ones. Some of them also have cuffs and they protect the little baby’s face from scratches. Just in case there's shrinkage I would recommend going a size up.
Footed pajamas. These are a lifesaver. They will reduce your work. No need for socks that slide from baby’s little feet and they are super comfy.
Baby beanies or hats. They protect the baby’s head from harmful rays of the sun and also keep it warm in the winter. They are soft and stretchy and come in different shapes and patterns.
Baby dresses or skirts. For special occasions, of course, the little one has to wear something special too. These little dresses are adorable but make sure to choose the comfiest ones.
Shirts. These can be also categorized as a special occasion outfit but they make the baby look like a little grown human and that is so cute. You can choose between colors, ruffles, and different types of sleeves.
Overalls and trousers. These are the most adorable everyday wear for our babies. You can find them in different materials and with cute patterns.
Footed pants. Perfect pairing them with a bodysuit. No lost socks.
Warm jackets and sweaters. If the baby it’s going to be outside often, adding a sweater or a jacket is needed. You have to have it in the baby bag in case it gets cold unexpectedly. Find the softest ones so the moving it’s easier for the little one.
Everyday shoes and socks. In case the baby is not wearing footed pants or bodysuits, socks are a good idea to protect the little feet. If it’s time to start standing or walking, the ones with grips are very recommended. For shoes try to find the most comfortable ones that help with the baby’s balance. Go for options that are soft and durable.

Now that you know what is essential, how about some notes?
When is the time to start looking for baby clothes? The moment you know the gender and everything is easier, try having most of the things ready before giving birth. After that happens, I'm sure the time will be limited even for your vital actions. Don’t go over the 6-month mark, again you don’t know the size of the baby yet.

  • Talking about size, go for one size bigger always, and wash the clothes on baby care mode. I suggest purchasing different sizes for the same outfit or piece since the baby is not going to be clean all the time.
    -Material wise the best is cotton. Other ones should be fine too but cotton is organic and for sensitive skin.
  • Choose the ones with no choking hazards or with embellishments that can damage the baby’s face or skin.
    -Always be prepared with extra clean clothes and pieces if you go out.

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